About us

We are passionate about producing great natural honey and beeswax cosmetics.

We also take pride in the welfare of our bees and we work with them so that the needs of both the beekeeper and the bees are met!

We are also keen to share our knowledge of beekeeping with others who want to learn.

Our approach to beekeeping. Bee welfare.

Bees are wild animals which are cultivated by the beekeeper for mutual benefit. We visit all our colonies weekly in the summer to check on their development and to take preventative action should the bees be trying to swarm. If they are we provide additional space and check again in a week. If they are still trying to swarm we split the hive taking the old queen out, put her into a back up hive and allow a new queen to be raised. If the new queen does not mate successfully then the old queen can be reintroduced.

We are keen to improve our bees from those which are shown to be the calmest, naturally disease resistant, most suited to our local environment and least likely to swarm. To do this we keep meticulous records even to counting the Varroa mites on our bees so we can identify those to propagate from. We would like to get to the point where we do not need to treat our bees for Varroa and while we could let the fittest survive, we treat those who cannot deal naturally with the pest but only breed from those who can. That way all the bees get to live out their lives while we work towards a natural solution.

Research has shown that bees are happier when they have plenty of drone brothers about so we encourage the development of male bees by adding a frame of drone comb for the queen to lay her sons in. For those colonies we want to breed from we add two frames of drone comb to increase the chances of propagating our best queen’s genes. Hopefully this also helps beekeepers around us when their queens are looking for mates.

With both having 30+ years in Banking we are combining our different skills to run a husband and wife business doing the things we love and enjoying the journey.