Bee Talks To Beekeepers

If you are an existing beekeeper and would like Kevin to talk to your group here are the topics Kevin has been speaking about. If you have something specific you are interested in please let us know.

In person £100 plus travelling costs

By zoom £50

Here are Kevin’s Bee Talks

Winter preparation and management

Covering the period from harvest to spring build up. Making sure you give your winter bees the best chance to build up, survive and your colony to thrive in the spring. The importance of timing your feeding. Feeding in Autumn for spring build up. The dangerous month of March.

Swarm prevention and control

How to deter bees from wanting to swarm. Selection of non swarming stock. Managing brood to maximise production.

Simple methods of swarm control and debunking a major myths about swarming.

Inspections - what good looks like and dealing with problem colonies

Based on Ted Hoopers 5 questions (and a sixth I’ve added). Identifying what you should expect to see during the season. Dealing with problem colonies and Identifying when you should take immediate action or wait and see.

Simple bee improvement 

Very simple methods all beekeepers can follow to improve their own bees to be calm, healthy and productive.

“Bees don’t read the books”

Exploring this common expression, why we sometimes misunderstand the bees behaviour which can be at odds with our common wisdom. A better understanding of these incredible creatures.

What beekeepers worry about and don’t need to

As a beginner beekeeper I used to constantly worry about my colonies. As a bee-farmer I’ve learned what I really need to worry about and importantly what I really don’t. What equipment is essential and what really isn’t.

The simple Sustainable Apiary for the hobby beekeeper

Having a sustainable apiary, a ready supply of replacement queens and nucs ready to replace winter losses and possibly a surplus to supply others.

How to produce your own queens and nucs simply starting with a single colony.

Producing one or more spare queens for your own use very simply

Producing nucs to cover winter losses before they occur

Minimising the effect on honey production.

The Beefarmers sustainable apiary 

Raising queens and nucs on a commercial scale for own use and for sale.

Producing queens on a 4 day cycle

Selecting breeder colonies

Setting up and maintaining starter colony

Using finisher colony

Use of mini plus mating nucs

Picking queens and introducing to nucs.

Drone production

Measuring quality

Maximising honey production

How to ensure an abundant honey crop.

The importance of stock

Autumn management - boosting your winter bees.

Spring combination

Swarm prevention - managing your comb

Supering - why, when and how to add supers

Swarm control

Summer management

Introducing Queens

Preparing colonies for introduction

Introduction methods

Using nucs to introduce queens

Direct combination of nucs