Stour Valley Apiaries

Manufacturers and wholesalers of local, raw and pure Suffolk, Essex & Borage Honey.

Stour Valley Apiaries - Manufacturers and wholesalers of Pure Suffolk honey

Stour Valley Apiaries is run by Kevin and Julie Thorn from Sudbury, Suffolk.

We are passionate about looking after our bees in Apiaries, keeping them happy and healthy, in and around Lavenham and producing pure honey with all the good bits left in.

If you have a SWARM of Bees please visit the British Beekeepers Association website which will have the details of your nearest swarm collector

Using our natural beeswax and honey for Beeswax Wraps as a better alternative to using Clingfilm, Lip Balms, Pet Paw Lotions, Soaps, Wood Polish, Melts & personalised Wedding Favours as a gift or a thank you, please visit Busy Bees Cosmetics

We are delighted to help Beekeepers around the UK with a supply of our beeswax products to add to their Honey stalls.

Please have a look at our Products page and locate the local shops where you can buy our honey.

If you would like to stock our Honey please take a look at our Catalogue of all of our Honey & Beeswax products

For a bespoke gift package please contact Julie to discuss how we can help you.

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